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Interview by Meikee Magnetic


KAYA JONES ‘Release The Energy’

At the age of 18 Kaya became best known as one of the lead singers for The Pussycat Dolls, from 2003-2005 which is one of the most popular girl groups in history having sold more than 15 million albums and 40 million singles worldwide. We had the chance to meet her in Las Vegas during her album release event and we’re delighted to bring her story to you. “If the doors to your dreams won’t open, kick it down.” ~ Kaya Jones

Interview Meikee Magnetic

Photography Topher Adam, Hair and Makeup Dinah Raphaelle http://dinahraphaelle.com/

Where on planet Earth were you born?

I was born in Toronto, Ontario. Canada

You have your own record label, HueMan Race Records, what type of artists do you work with and what do you look for in an artist?

Currently we are really focused on my new album Kaya- The Chrystal Neria Album which is POP/EDM but we have everything from Rap to Country Artists we are working with. I look for tone and star power but collectively we all look for originality.

Let’s get right into it, congrats on the CHRYSTAL NERIA ALBUM, you must be excited for your new release (Chrystal Neria is also your birth name, I really love your original name). How has the evolution been for you as a solo artist since day one till now?

It’s a full circle on starting with dance music and now being called the EDM Princess by my fans. It’s been an awesome journey.


Could you share with our readers some of the collaborators you’ve worked on the new album with, also some past collaborations:

The new album I have JKWON on RTE which is awesome and who doesn’t love JKWON’s Tipsy song! Also Dada Life is on the album with their remix for TIO. DJ IKON (who’s everywhere in Vegas playing and the opener for Tiesto) came together with DJ E-MAN from Power 106. Killed it on the RTE REMIX!!! The song “Angel” with the duo Two is near and dear to my heart. It’s in consideration for Grammy’s so that’s currently my favorite song and it totally has done so well. Charting in Europe and on Radio from iTunes Charts to Radio charts, so cool! Past people I’ve worked with are everyone from Katy Perry to Britney Spears to Mick Jagger so I’m pretty blessed on the work front of experience.

You recently were styled out by Dark Beauty Magazine’s Topher Adam in Las Vegas for your album release. How did you both meet and tell us about what you wore:

I met the amazing Topher at his place through a dear friend and hair/makeup artist Dinah Raphaelle. She actually put us together and I’m so glad she did! She also did the hair and makeup for the shoot! I think I wore my black Ray Bans, Chanel shirt with a leather hoodie jacket and leggings with black motorcycle boots lol.

Topher Adam designs (above)

What did you learn in your experience with the Pussycat Dolls and how did you grow?

I learned so much and I am grateful for the 3 years I spent in the Dolls. I like how I learned how to stand up from myself and follow my gut. I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t be here and there wouldn’t have been a Chrystal Neria Album.



What has been the most memorable musical experience to date?

Oh wow most memorable moments is hard I’ve had many from performing for NASCAR ALL STAR to working with Mick Jagger. I’d say it would have to be performing in front of 100,000 people at the EDM Rave or when Scarlet Johansson gave me some kind words which helped me have the guts to leave the Pussycat Dolls.

Music welcomed you early on in your life, signing a development deal at the age of 12 by legendary producer/writer R. Kelly. Tell us about your personal connection with music from it’s spiritual side to how it forms you as an artist:

It’s straight from the heavens or space. There’s no greater connection to God then when your in that creative place. I feel so lucky to have the gift of music, it’s magical.

I just read your DJing as well, I think that’s a logical step to take as an artist who has a deep love and understanding for music. Who are some of your favorite DJs and any plans on a DJ tour?

My favorite DJs are Skrillex and Diplo. I love their work together and separately. Yes I do plan to tour and DJ more and more :)

You’ve been developing the Hollywood Doll brand (a line of dolls) where some of the proceeds go to the RETT Syndrome foundation. How did this come about?

Hollywood Doll just launched Vegas Doll, so super exciting! We did the donation for the Chocolate bars we have! We connected with the foundation through a friend, and when I read about how many young girls are effected by this it broke my heart. I wanted to do something.

I sometimes ask this question to certain artists, what advice could you give our younger readers who are looking to start a career in Music?

I would say believe in yourself and be yourself. There’s no one in this world like you, NO ONE! Don’t ever fit in. No one who ever leads fits in, thats why you become a leader. I never fit in, not in school and not in the Dolls. I wanted tattoos and I wanted to change my hair and be bold and that wasn’t allowed so I had to say I’m me and that’s cooler then being just another chick in a line you can’t name. So be YOU!

Tell us all the amazing future plans you have coming up, I hear your working on a Vegas show:

I am! I’ve been working on it for over a year and half now. It’s my baby! I can’t legally share to much as we are in negotiations, but it will change the world.

What does Dark Beauty mean to you?

I think Dark Beauty is being a light. My song ‘Release The Energy’ was all about showing your inner power and even through the dark your power can shine the light. I believe we are all stars, we come from there and so we return. While we are on earth we must shine and break down the walls people try to cage us in. I am a light and so are you, that’s Dark Beauty – through the darkness you can change the world and lead if you show your light. So show it already.

image: 2,3,5,7: Photography: Topher Adam

HMUA: Dinah Raphaelle (StarlooksCosmetics andsignature KAYA Collection available via Starlooks)

Designer: Topher Adam (2,3,5,7,6)


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