Strobe your summer Self!

This summer’s makeup look is all about “strobing”, so what does it mean to “strobe your look”? Since summertime is all about lightening up and taking it off, here’s a skinfresh solution to embrace a new glowy you. It all starts with M.A.C. cosmetics strobe cream. This key product is in nearly every professional’s makeup kit and it’s luminescent qualities moisturize your skin to leave you looking radient. It is perfect for beauty of all ages because it contains mica (a natural mineral) that acts to break up the light hitting your face, removing shadows while hydrating. While strobe cream can be worn as a dewy moisturizer all on its own, true strobing is when you mix Strobe Cream with your favorite foundation to create a tint specific to your skintone. By mixing down your foundation you still have coverage but it’s lighter, more youthful, and your products last longer because you will be using less of it. So say goodbye to full face full coverage and get ready for brighter days ahead using M.A.C. Strobe cream available at $33 retailing from M.A.C.