#MakeupMonday Q&A: How Do I Sanitize My Makeup?

How do I sanitize my makeup?

The first step to clean makeup is clean hands. Having freshly washed hands, and hand sanitizer is key.

Hopefully you know how to clean your makeup brushes and clean them regularly with an anti bacterial soap or cleanser and don’t soak your brushes because it isn’t necessary and it destroys them. *But how do you clean your makeup?* Here are a few tips on sanitizing your actual makeup so you can keep yourself (and clients) healthy and beautiful.

What I like to do is buy an industrial size bottle of 99 percent alcohol. This can be bought at a drug store and is usually on the bottom shelf when stocked. You may also need to ask the pharmacist if you cant find it yourself and it may be kept behind the counter. Sometimes it comes in weird scents like cherry or orange which I only buy on accident and all the scents work equally well however some with the added effect of smelling like cheap vodka (equally nauseating). Then I buy a few of those traveler’s size 100 ml spritz bottles and label them immediately. Fill up the bottles and put them in your makeup kits, travel kits and home. **Also never ever ever drink this stuff. **

When Sanitizing….

Eyeshadows: Wipe away all dust and debris, spritz your powders, then tissue off the first layer, sometimes scraping and disinfect them again. They will dry as the alcohol evaporates, then close the lids on any compacts.

Lipsticks: Sanitize and spritz them, then wipe away the first layer and sanitize again, I repeat this a few times and the final time I sanitize I allow it to air-dry evaporate, you can also swirl a lipstick in a small cup of 99 percent alcohol and let it sit for 30 seconds to kill off all bacteria. It can also depend on if your makeup is in a tube, or a set kit regarding how you sanitize. Personally, I chop my lipsticks up in a case for set use and even if I haven’t used certain colors I still sanitize them all.

Pencil Liners: I tissue off, sanitize, sharpen, tissue, and sanitize for 30 seconds, tissue and sanitize, I sense a pattern here.

For gel liners and paint pots and concealers or anything creamy: You should be using a spatula and pallet when using this product to apply to yourself or anyone else. That way you are not contaminating the whole product. But to remove any debris you can also spritz, tissue off, and wipe away any mixed colors or layers of contamination with any of these kinds of makeup products too. Then repeat sanitization, always repeat.

Mascara and eye products are the biggest culprits to infecting so have plenty of disposable mascara wands on hand, never double dip, or be prepared to give your mascara away.

IMPORTANT: This is just a general knowledge helpful tip article and by no means is this everything you need to know. There are many ways to avoid contamination or cross-contamination via disposable wands or spritzing and wiping applicators and if in doubt, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you end up contaminating a new product, consider that a pricey mistake that you hopefully wont be making again and give the product away to the person who you’ve contaminated your product with. If you have an infection, best to steer clear of makeup altogether. Also, if you are the client and know you have an infection or health issue, please be wise and responsible enough to tell your makeup artist too.